1 Jam 1 Blogger : Nadhirah

Nama blog dan url?

Sejak bila anda buat blog ini?

July, 2008

Blog manakah menjadi rujukan anda semasa mula-mula membuat blog?

I created my  blog to practice writing as I'm getting lame on it. That time, I did not know much on other blogs.

Apakah sumber/rujukan anda dalam menghasilkan entri?

Depends. Sometimes, it just triggers in my mind. And at times I refer to books, televisions, magazines, and also my surroundings.

Selain daripada kerana duit, apakah tujuan anda buat blog?
I don't aim for money in blogging. But I would love to share my knowledge and also on business opportunity. I would love others to have a better health and financial freedom by joining business.

Apakah pengalaman manis dan pahit anda sepanjang berblogging?

Manis: I won a contest organised by SM though I was the last one to enter. A minute before the contest ends. 

Manis: I can read through my previous posts and smile to myself on how I evolve in writing and thinking. I won't notice it without this blog.

Pahit: There're ones who posted nonsense on my personal life at the shoutbox and I've to lock it for a few days.

Apakah etika yang perlu ada pada setiap blogger?

Not to say on anything on sensitive or political issues. Blog can drags u into court. Worst, dumps u into jail.

Berdasarkan pengalaman anda, bagaimanakah untuk membuatkan blog kita dikenali ramai?

Blogwalking. Though I don't practice it that much. Time constraint. Again, I do not go for popularity in blogging, but just to share. Quality entries may attract readers too.

Kata-kata semangat untuk blogger lain?

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